Micro plastic Filtration Unit

Capturing 98% of microplastic from polystyrene productions.

The Microplastic filtration Unit will meet all requirements the EU is set to implement for all EPS producers.

10 foot of pure magic 

The filtration unit comes in a standardized ISO container and can easily be added to your factory’s outlet tap.

  • Adjust the unit to run with optimal filtration for your factory.
  • Add two-step filtering if needed - for pellets and micro plastics.
  • Receive notification when filters are full and needs to be emptied.
  • The container has easy access and spacious working conditions.


    10 foot of pure magic 

    Filtration unit installed at ESP producer in Norway:


    Of particles captured

    16 m3/h

    Continuous capacity per hour

    -230 kg

    Yearly reduction in polystyrene

    What is microplastic?

    • Microplastics are plastic particles smaller than 5 mm.
    • Microplastics have a long degradation time and remain in the environment for a long time.
    • Microplastics are often discharged into watercourses where they pass unchanged through waterways and end up in the sea.
    • Microplastics accumulate in the food chain and therefore pose a health and environmental risk for humans, animals, and plants.


      Micro plastic Filtration Unit