Wash Water Recycling plant

Recycling and purification of wash water from paint factories and food processing.

Clean 70-90% of your production water, at your production site. Recycle grade depending on type/composition of wash water.

The ways of water

Water is used for many things in the paint and food industries, where both production and cleaning require water.

For many producers, wash water must be transferred onto semi-trailers and driven to external treatment plants to be cleaned. This is both expensive, harmful for the environment and it is an inefficient business operation.

With the Wash Water Recycling Plant you can now clean 50% of your wash water on-site.

The Jotun Paint Washer Unit

Huge environmental benefits

Saves water

70-90% of wash water can be recycled

Reduces transportation

Waters is washed on-site instead of being transported to other facilities.

Recycle wash water

Cleaned water can be re-used in production.

The Jotun Paint Washer Unit

Jotun took a huge bet, and reaped great rewards. After installing the Washer Unit from NTProducts, they reduced their use of semi-trailers to transport used water with one trailer per day. 

  • Complete paint wash water recycling plant

  • Saves water (~ 2500 m3/year) and transport of waste product

  • Coagulation & flocculation

  • Ozone (oxidation of resin and binders)

  • Ro (reverse osmosis)

The Jotun Paint Washer Unit