Wireline SafeFrame

Eliminates work under suspended load in well intervention and wireline procedures.

SafeFrame is a new, patented solution for mechanical securing and handling of the Wireline lubricator during BHA change.

Making wireline procedures safer, faster, and more efficient

The rugged SafeFrame is the world’s first mechanical add-on solution that eliminates the need for manual handling of the lubricator.

With SafeFrame, oil and gas companies can now close the deviation in the “Aktivitetsforskriften” §92 and Norsok R003/R002.

It allows for work in a safe and secure environment. Keep your crew safe from falling objects and bad weather.


Safety by design

Safety by design

Safe operations

Secure the lubricator during BHA change for safer and faster operations. Every function can be remotely operated with radio control.

Rig-up in 1 hour

Installing the Wireline SafeFrame takes less than an hour. When scaffolding is unnecessary, you save time, resources, and cost. 

Flexible integration

SafeFrame fits different stick-ups and BOP heights, and can be fitted in both 40 and 60-ft masts. You can also install it inside the drilling derrick. 

Easy access

The SafeFrame comes with staircase, railing, protective roof, and adjustable support legs. It has easy access and good escape routes.

Mechanical securing of the lubricator

Eliminate risk in wireline operations

Manual and potentially hazardous operations, like the one to the right, are now a thing of the past.

The SafeFrame offers substantial time savings for lubricator handling and BHA tool change operations. And, with Remote Radio Control, easy–access staircase, and roof, it also allows for improved working conditions.

Photo: Adrian Brain
Photo: Adrian Brain

Stories from the field 

"At one of the major installations on the Norwegian Shelf, the SafeFrame has contributed to increased safety and better efficiency for the workforce.

While improving the work area, the field operator was also able to close the deviation in PTIL’s requirement for work under suspended loads."

“While being a complete EPCI provider, we also combine tools and methods well known in the industry with deep knowledge about products and technology. ”

Sigve Skimmeland
CEO - NTProducts